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Pregnant women should consider other options before opting for abortion: My Adoption Story

January 3rd, 2019

Today, Chairperson of My Adoption Story, Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, is urging young girls/ women with unplanned pregnancies to consider other options before opting for abortion and recommends their reaching out for personal support.

Her statement comes on the back of the Irish Times report that this weekend about 20 young women are likely to procure abortions in Ireland. (see

‘I understand the distress and aloneness that many young women may find themselves in when facing an unplanned pregnancy, perhaps alone, without financial and emotional support and seeing their world cave in around them.

Abortion may seem like the right option and given the current climate of promotion by our Minister for Health it may seem like the only option and the right thing to do. But this is not the case’.

‘Abortion is a terminal decision from which there is no turning back for the woman or baby. Adoption, on the other hand, provides choice and keeps the door open to a future for woman and baby’.

‘All decisions are difficult and abortion may seem like the easiest option in the short-term but I would counsel against the long-term mental health effects shared with me by women who opted for abortion.

Having your baby adopted today is very different from the past. Regrettably, neither our Minister for Health Harris or Minister for Children Zappone are promoting the potential of adoption today which they should be. With modern holistic adoption all parties - birth mother and adoptive parents - are counseled and assessed, with the best interests of the child and birth mother being primary.  Adoption can be as open as you wish it to be, the birth mother decides what is right for her and her child.

Like many other adoptive families, our family is living proof that adoption can change lives forever for the better. We are parents to two fine young people thanks to the decision of their birth mothers to give them life. Our son has now initiated contact with his birth mother and the process is going well.

My Adoption Story encourages pregnant women with unplanned pregnancies to consider carefully their decision and to take the time to have the conversations that will change their life and the life of their baby forever. Ironically at your time of greatest distress, you are also the source of the greatest hope.’

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