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Adoption Facts

Birth mothers are in the driving seat when it comes to Domestic Adoption in Ireland.

You choose what is best for your child.


When you contact TUSLA, you will be given your own social worker who will guide you through the adoption process.

You can contact them at any time during your pregnancy, or after you give birth to your baby.

You choose your baby’s parents. Your social worker will gather the profiles of the hopeful Adoptive Parents that are closest to what you wish for. You can choose from their profile and you can interview them if you wish. There are many hopeful couples who have gone through the adoption vetting  process and are waiting for the chance to become parents.

Future Contact with your Child

You can specify what kind of future contact you would like with your child. This might be something you would prefer to revisit in later years, which is fine too.

Changing your mind

After you have decided on adoption for your baby, there is a period of time when you can change your mind and decide to keep your baby. This is usually between 3 and 6 months after the birth of your baby, but can sometimes be longer. During this time your baby can be with you or a designated foster family where you can visit your baby if you wish.

Your baby will be placed with your chosen adoptive family for a period of approximately 3-12 months before the legal adoption takes place.

This is where the parents you have chosen become the legal parents of your baby.

You will always be your baby’s birth mother and part of their life story.

Adoption is a real option.

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